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"I have goals, not only dreams!"

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about me


I was born in 1983, in a small willage in Hungary.

After primary school i went to Győr, where i lived in a studenthostel during the 4 years of gymnasium.

In 2001 I was accepted to the Semmelweis University, in Budapest. I made my degree in general dentistry with "Summa cum Laude" in 2006.

In my university years i took all my chances to learn:
I was working in the studentscouncil, i made several conferences, and for one year i was working for dental assistent, and in the graduation year i was already working in a dentistry in the oldtown of Budapest as a junior dentist.

job, experimental leargning

In 2006 i started working in a dentistry in Győr in the historical oldtown.
That time it was a traditional family dentistry. I learned a lot from my chef how to treat patients on the highest quality and best efficiency, without pain. :-)

In 2008 i made my special degree in aesthetic dentistry. I also did the Lumineers course, cooperating with a dental laboratory in California, USA. In 2013 i made a special training and degree in orthodontics, specialised for invisible braces technology.

In this Dentistry i became junior chief, and did the most of the prosthetich jobs.

In thel last couple of years i also make my own conferences, in Hungary and in Switzerland as well, mostly about "How to save loose teeth". 


In 2017 september, i opened my own dentistry: DrD-Dental in the historical oldtown of Győr.

For me it is important to make top quality work, and also make my Patients feel comfortable and relaxed during the dental treatments as well.

I'm working with a team of dental technicians (over 12 years experiencies together in dental prosthetic job), assistents and dental hygienists.

DrD-Dental contacts:

adress: 9023 Győr, Lázár Vilmos street. 21.
web: drddental.hu
tel: +36 20 245 82 96



Since a couple of months -in the first case that i von't starving, and because i like it - i startid cooking. With the help of a frind(he is a chef in a famous restaurant) i make many delcios meals. Since im taking fitness seriously, i'm watching my food as well, I'm eating fitnessfood, i try to eat clean! I also make foodphotos as well :-)


I make photos just for fun, with my samsung phine. I've never learned, i just see something that interests me, i took an angle and make a soot. Thats, how my photos are made :-)


As a child i always did something, i couldn't take my time just sitting by a lake and watching the water.
Now it is one of my favourite hobbys...
I like sitting in the quiet nature alone, just watching my feeder fishing rod.
I'm also a "cathch and release" guy - i only take a photo/selfie with the fishes, and let them go back. 


Beneath my job, fitness is one of the most important thing in my life nowadays.

I do my workout every day in the morning, befor i go to work. It helps me to do my best in my job as well. Since 2016 i wor with a personal treiner.

photos and more


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